Video of Brine Eraser 2 Goalie Lacrosse Head video of Brine Eraser 2 Goalie Lacrosse Head

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In this video Mike with Brine Lacrosse goes over the Core-Tech Sidewall, Featured in the Eraser 2 Goalie Head.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, Mike from Brine here at to tell you about the new Eraser 2 Goalie Head. A close look at the new Eraser 2 Head from Brine, shows a few things, one being the new sidewall technology called Core-Tech sidewall, and this is strategically placed in throughout the sidewall to help make this head a lighter head, but also maintain its rigidity. Boasting the biggest face shape right now in goalie heads. You're going to see a great surface area to help stop the ball and also a staggered sidewall, or offset sidewall, which is basically going to direct the ball into the pocket, and also allow for a nice channeling effect when you're stringing the stick up. And plenty of string options on the side here, to string this up with any pocket design. Great goalie option from Brine, available now at

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