Video of Brine Clutch Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads - 2016 Model video of Brine Clutch Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads - 2016 Model

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In this video Mike with Brine Lacrosse goes over the Grid-Flex Pattern featured on the Clutch Mid Shoulder Pads.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, Mike from Brine here at to tell you about the new Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad. Here's a closer look at the new Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad. This pad, unlike the standard shoulder pad, does not have shoulder caps. This is for the player who wants a little more mobility. Still very protective, great clavicle coverage here, hard sternum plate with the compression molded Grid-Flex technology. You have a great fit. Steal protection in that sternum plate. Another great piece here is the simple strap. This is going to allow you to adjust the pad to the build of any player without using any plastic ring. So it's quick and easy, and you're ready to go to compete out on the field. You can pick these up today at