Video of Brine Clutch Friction Defense Lacrosse Shaft video of Brine Clutch Friction Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Mike with Brine Lacrosse shows you the Clutch Friction Handle, made with SL2 Alloy.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, Mike from Brine here at, to tell you about the new line of Clutch Shafts. The Clutch, the Clutch Friction, and the new Clutch Elite. Here we have the Clutch Friction Shaft from Brine, also another Super Light Two Alloy, performance grade. Nice and lightweight. What you'll have is this will have a Friction Grip sandblasted into the material, so it's not gonna wear. Then our new Clutch speed graphic, and this will be available in a bunch of great team colors. Just a great performance grade shaft, for the player that wants that friction all- weather grip