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B-Lax Blast V2 Lacrosse Stick Training Aid - Orange

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Manufacturer Description

B-Lax Blast Version 2 improvements include a more secure attachment device and a more durable cord.

The attachment device now includes a "Felt Stopper" embedded in the attachment device. The stopper device guarantees that the attachment device fits super snug on ANY stick head.

We worked with a cord manufacturer to get the best blend of elasticity, weight, and strength. The new cord in the V2 is guaranteed to last. It's even more durable than our previous cord which was the best cord on the market. We stand behind it.

The fastest game on 2 feet deserves a fast training device.

Blast (Lacrosse Trainer)†Benefits:

  • Learn faster
  • Easy to use
  • Practice by yourself
  • Develop soft hands
  • Improve hand-eye coordination

How the Lacrosse Trainer Works -

A†ball is attached to a cord, that†attaches to a stick, allowing players to train themself.

  • Beginner:† Get the feel of the ball and the stick and learn to throw and catch.
  • Intermediate:† Throw and catch on both sides as well as over the shoulder.
  • Advanced:† Underhand, backhand, quickstick

We have seen a few folks out there with a product like this, but this one is WAY better.† Why?
  • Cord is MUCH more rugged than competitors
  • The ball is molded specifically for this product
  • Innovative attachment device makes it quick to put on and take off

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Blax blast trainer

Things I Liked:

works really good lots of reps

Things to Improve:

cord got knotted

Full Review:

just got it and put it on this morning worked like a dream

spider1 - nova scotia - 12/25/2012

Awesome Product

Things I Liked:

How quickly this can attach to any stick.

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

My son plays goalie and we use this to quicken his movement for saves! Definitely recommend this product for all players!

George Bessler - Claremont N.H. - 5/15/2013

Great trainer

Things I Liked:

Easy to attach to head. Stays put. Good practice aide.

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

Son loves it.

Pat - North Aurora, IL - 1/6/2014

Great practice tool for when there's no one else around.

Things I Liked:

Easy to install, works well, seems durable.

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

Gets tied in knots sometimes. But this is really unavoidable. Just make sure you get the knot out before you start again or it will get super tight and is hard to get out.

Marc - Akron, OH - 5/22/2014

Could be better

Things I Liked:

it was easy to install, shipping was quick too

Things to Improve:

stability, more durable

Full Review:

it wears over time, im a goalie and this thing was hard to use to actually practice saves with, and it comes off the head pretty easily if you shoot really fast

Henny - Washington DC - 7/8/2014

Ok. Heres the thing...

Things I Liked:

Quick attach, secure fit, throw aside any worries that this will snap off your stick, or the ball will fly off, etc.

Things to Improve:

Not quite sure just yet...

Full Review:

Ok, maybe I'm biased after the first throw backfired quite literally. Figured hey, I can practice throwing/catching since theres no decent wall on which to play wallball. Threw the ball normally, following through with the stick down halfway across my body... ball springs back right to the head of the stick which at this point was right at my midsection..Yeah, hit me right you-know-where. I didn't stop at this point though, I kept at it til I could get the hang of it. Takes some getting used to, but was just not worth the hassle for me. Cord got tangled repeatedly. Just not quite as smooth as the video makes it seem. Must untangle/reposition the cord after each throw/catch. Maybe Ill give it another try soon, but for now, its on the shelf.

Jared S. - East Dubuque, Illinois - 7/11/2014

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Our Price: $19.95


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